In 2018, the City Council approved the Resilient Dallas Strategy, which aims to advance equity in City government through an intentional analysis of service delivery, strategic planning, and budget allocation.

In 2019, the City Council adopted an equity resolution that established, among other things, the Budgeting for Equity (BfE) process and called for the City to commit more resources to areas and populations with the greatest need, based on data and a newly designed equity tool for budget development.

On March 24, 2021 Dallas City Council unanimously approved the city’s first Racial Equity Resolution (#210503). This resolution reaffirmed Dallas’ commitment to work towards addressing the impact of institutional racism and creating a city where everyone can thrive.

History of the city's Equity Efforts

Equity is one of the City's four core values of service and means each person has the resources and services they need to thrive. Racial equity occurs when race and ethnicity cannot be used to predict outcomes for any group.

The Racial Equity Resolution called for the development of a comprehensive Racial Equity Plan (REP) created collaboratively by city department leadership and Dallas residents. 

The Office of Equity and Inclusion – Equity Division is leading the development of this plan in partnership with CoSpero ConsultingThe REP will provide a comprehensive strategic framework that outlines progress measures for each city department to address the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic disparities named in the Equity Indicators Report

In order to inform the progress measures and accountability structures,  targeted community engagement is underway  that prioritizes areas of Dallas most impacted by racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic inequities. 

when we discuss racial equity, we mean the development of policies, practices, and investment in the community to reverse racial disparities and dismantlE institutional racism,

- Casey Thomas II,  District 3 City Councilmember 


Accurately reflect priorities of community members most impacted by institutional racism 

Align departmental practices and investments to close racial disparities 

REINFORCE accountability measures and recommend progress monitoring systems to keep community members informed 

The Racial Equity Plan is how we, as a city, will walk our talk about equity, It’s our guidebook for listening and acting to improve the daily lives of our residents through a lens that serves everyone based on their unique needs

- Jaynie Schultz, Committee Chair and District 11 City Councilmember 

What is the Racial Equity Plan?

The Racial Equity Plan will serve as a framework to support the City in addressing disparities experienced by communities of color. The REP will be developed in collaboration with residents and guide city departments and offices to enhance their current strategic plans with supplemental, measurable goals focused on racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic equity. By establishing short-, mid-, and long-term goals, the REP will provide City leaders with actionable levers to dismantle inequities for Dallas residents.

What is the desired impact of the Racial Equity Plan?

The REP aims to accurately reflect priorities of community members most impacted by institutional racism and to align departmental practices and investments to most effectively close racial disparities. Additionally, the plan will solidify accountability measures and recommend progress monitoring systems to transparently keep community members informed.

What can I expect to see after the Racial Equity Plan is finalized?

The goal of the REP is to create transparent accountability measures that address challenges surrounding access and opportunity in the City of Dallas. The REP will provide City leaders with actionable levers to minimize inequities for Dallas residents.

How is community engagement involved with the Racial Equity Plan?

CoSpero Consulting will engage residents that have been personally impacted by the historic and current inequities in Dallas. Our goal is to hear from a diverse set of voices in this process and ensure the REP addresses challenges and lived experiences surrounding access and opportunity. We’re seeking insight from community members and inviting them to share their priorities of the Racial Equity Measures, explore accountability implications for the City and co-develop a Racial Equity Measures progress monitoring system to effectively keep community members informed on the progress of the plan.
How can I give input on the Racial Equity Plan?

Residents, community organizations, businesses and other interested parties are encouraged to be a part of the development for the City’s first Racial Equity Plan. Visit this website often to stay up-to-date on both virtual and in-person engagement opportunities taking place through February 2022.

How are you determining what questions to ask the community for input?

CoSpero Consulting is partnering with community leaders, Council Members and the City of Dallas department leaders to ensure that we are engaging with the community in meaningful ways. We are prioritizing asking the right people the right questions, and ensuring that these engagement opportunities are frequent and accessible. It is our goal for community members to feel valued and heard. We believe when community members aren’t engaged as active partners in decision-making, systemic inequities found across education, economic opportunity, housing, health, criminal justice, wealth, and representation are upheld. 

How does the Racial Equity Plan work with other City plans?

One of the unique aspects of the Racial Equity Plan is that it will supplement and work in parallel with the City of Dallas’ current plans (i.e. Resilient Dallas Strategy, Equity Indicators Report, Welcoming Dallas Strategic Plan, and other City Council-approved department plans, such as the Dallas Cultural Plan, Comprehensive Housing Policy, and Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan) to identify equity related components and support departments in ascribing measurable goals.

Who is leading the charge in the development of the Racial Equity Plan?

The City of Dallas Office of Equity and Inclusion-Equity Division is leading the REP, and has retained CoSpero Consulting to support in guiding 43 internal City departments and offices as well as co-designing the plan with community members.

What is the process and timeline to develop the Racial Equity Plan?